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The San - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
These guys are fantastic. They're extremely well knowledged and their prices are a bargain.

Dan - OTTAWA, ON, Canada
I have been taking my Rav4 here for years. The guys are excellent! They always check things out for me and the pricing is very good as well.
Jeffrey Limoge - Morrisville, Vermont, , USA
We were visiting Ottawa last weekend when I noticed a "thunKing" sound coming from the front end of my van. I had had some work done on the suspension before I left Vermont. Hearing this sound I knew I was in trouble so I looked for a garage around where we were staying and came upon yours. The mechanics were very friendly and super helpful. Within a few minutes they had found a stabilizer nut that had come loose and quickly fixed it. This was a great relief as I would not have made it back to Vermont and it is a major safety issue. Can't thank you people enough. Best regards.